Brokers, agents, and vendors have the ability to exchange real estate information with MRIS through MRIS RETS. MRIS RETS provides MLS content to those who have requested and been approved to receive a feed. Once a feed has been established, MRIS listing information is then sent to you in near real-time.

MRIS RETS content is delivered in a format compatible with the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS). RETS is the standard for exchanging real estate information developed by The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO). It is a common language that allows computer systems to more easily transfer information, such as MLS data, to other computer programs or websites. MRIS is certified compliant with the RETS standard. For more information on this standard, please visit

MRIS RETS content can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Websites MRIS RETS content can be provided to website operators such as broker company websites or licensed website vendors to power IDX listing content.
  • Service Providers MRIS RETS content can be used by service providers that sell services to agents. For example, Supra for lockbox services.
  • Third Party Software Developers MRIS RETS provides third party software developers with secured access to the system to develop real estate products such as mobile apps, or ActiveAgent provided by GoHome.

MRIS RETS can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • Technical

    You can access MRIS RETS content using MRIS’s Java API called JRETSC. If you have a developer, they can use this API to design content queries for the RETS standard.

    Download JRETSC:
  • Non-Technical

    MRIS has a RETS enabled application available for download called MRIS Conduit. MRIS Conduit allows those without development experience to retrieve MLS information in real time or at scheduled intervals through a GUI interface.

    Download MRIS Conduit:

    Note: MRIS Conduit can only pull listing information and does not have the ability to update.

If you interested in receiving IDX content please visit our content licensing page for product options and information on how to apply.

If you have questions on our content licensing options from the page above, please contact

If you are an existing RETS customer in need of technical support please contact