Share Data. Control Access. Win, Win.

When geographically limited MLS systems overlap larger real estate markets, real estate brokers and agents must join – and log into – multiple MLS organizations to access all the listings in their business areas. MRIS created a cost effective and easy to implement product, CURE Solutions, to solve the problem. Finally MLS systems can work together seamlessly!

CURE is a data aggregation, data standardization and data sharing solution that serves as a repository for MLS listings and associated content based on open-standards database architecture.

The CURE database will work with any MLS software vendor of choice. CURE provides the foundation upon which a scalable, shareable, 100% RETS compliant MLS system can be built.

How CURE Works to Eliminate Overlap:

  1. Extracts data from individual MLS organizations into a central data repository.
  2. Transforms the extracted data into a standardized format.
  3. Aggregates standardized data from cooperating MLS organizations in overlapping markets into a central shared repository.
  4. Provides the capability for individual MLS organizations to extract the standardized and aggregated data for use in their own systems as needed.

CURE offers huge advantages to MLS organizations to preserve their independence and serve their members more effectively.

Check out all the features and benefits today!


  1. MRIS CURE Solutions leverages MRIS’s extensive experience and expertise as the largest, most innovative MLS in the country.
  2. We've made significant investments in the CURE solution, making it the best choice in the market today.
  3. MLS organizations can take advantage of the expertise MRIS has gained, while retaining complete control over access to and distribution of their data.

Key Benefits:

  1. CURE removes arbitrary boundaries, allowing cooperating MLSs to share data amongst each other. It delivers a common dataset for each participating MLS.
  2. CURE eliminates duplicate costs, unlocks cost savings for the MLS and creates efficiencies for the MLS subscribers.
  3. CURE eliminates inefficiencies among MLSs and better positions the MLS organizations to deliver superior value over the long-term.
  4. CURE overcomes the technical and political barriers associated with sharing MLS content and creates greater opportunities for success for the MLS organizations.
  5. CURE allows MLS organizations to share data while still retaining their own MLS autonomy. It enables partnerships while maintaining competition, local service delivery and member support.
  6. CURE enables MLS subscribers to get information from a single source, join only one MLS, and pay one set of fees, delivering savings and tangible benefits to the subscribers.
  7. The CURE solution allows each MLS to maintain its own organization and fees while reaping the benefits of a shared data set.
  8. CURE creates opportunities for functionality with RETS-enabled applications.
  9. CURE simplifies IDX data aggregation for brokers and authorized users spanning multiple MLS systems.
  10. Deployment of MRIS’s CURE solution results in an unlimited array of MLS operator and subscriber choices for IDX solutions, consumer portals, and fully functional front-end solutions.