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To become an MRIS Customer, you must first be affiliated with an Active MRIS Broker.  

Please take a moment to download and familiarize yourself with the MRIS Rules & Regulations

Note: If you are a member of one of our Stakeholding Associations, you qualify for the lower Stakeholder rate. Click here for a list of our current Stakeholding Associations.

To begin the application process, please click on a link below:

Licensed Real Estate Agents

New Real Estate Agents or Associate Brokers

Returning Agents and Associate Brokers

  • If your license number or state has changed while you were away, it is necessary to update your information before you return.  Please call the MRIS Support Center (301-838-7200) to update your license information prior to using the above link to rejoin MRIS. 
  • All returning customers will be asked for their MRIS Customer ID.  If this does not occur, please immediately contact the MRIS Support Center at 301-838-7200 to ensure proper processing.
  • If your Broker Office has changed, this must be updated prior to rejoining MRIS.  Please call the MRIS Support Center (301-838-7200) to update. 
  • Effective January 2017, MRIS accounts that have been inactive or suspended for over 30 days will be charged the $250 reinstatement fee. There is no reinstatement fee for accounts that are reinstate within 30 days.


Broker New to MRIS

Broker Returning to MRIS - Please call the MRIS Support Center (301-838-7200) for assistance.

Real Estate Agent Becoming a Broker

Office Staff 

Personal Assistant/Office Secretary New to MRIS

Personal Assistant/Office Secretary Returning to MRIS

Appraisers (Including Personal Assistants to Appraisers)

Appraiser New to MRIS

Appraiser Returning to MRIS 

If you are a current MRIS customer and need to transfer listings and/or brokerages please visit the My Account section.

Please note if you prefer to have MRIS mail you a subscription agreement, please email your request to Support Center, include your Name, Address, Phone Number and/or Fax Number and indicate the types of Subscription Agreement you need. Once you have completed the application, fax it back to MRIS, processing time is approximately 3 to 5 business days.