MRIS Connect


MRIS is committed to providing our customers with systems and services that help them be more efficient and productive when conducting their business. Our new customer portal, MRIS Connect, allows you to manage most aspects of your MRIS account, such as

  • Updating your contact information,
  • Adding, editing and deleting credit or debit card payment methods, including the designation of one such card for automatic payment of all MRIS fees and/or fines (optional),
  • Paying fees and reviewing/printing invoices,
  • Initiating and monitoring of support cases and compliance fine appeals,
  • Keeping track of subscription renewal dates, and more!

With MRIS Connect, you can manage your MRIS account online - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Watch the video below to see all the new things you can do with MRIS Connect!

Has your contact information changed? Do you need to view a past invoice? Want to add or update a payment method or view a list of your subscriptions for core and/or premium MRIS services? Take care of any of those items in MRIS Connect under the My Subscription tab.

Sections under this My Subscription tab include

  • Contact Information - Update your contact information for your MRIS account.
  • Statement of Accounts - View past invoices, payments and credits.
  • Pay My Balances - Pay your quarterly fees and any outstanding balances.
  • My Payment Method - Add, update or delete your payment methods, as well as designate a payment method for autopayment of any fees incurred to your MRIS account.
    • Note: Designation of an autopayment method authorizes MRIS to use this payment method to collect any fee, including additional fees and outstanding balances incurred beyond your normal quarterly fee. 
  • Subscribed Products - View a list of your subscribed products and keep track of when your subscriptions will renew.

Have a question about your subscription? Experiencing a technical issue? Want to check the status of a case? Initiate and monitor your cases in MRIS Connect under the My Support tab.

Sections under the My Support tab include

  • Submit a Case - Soon you'll be able to initiate a case using MRIS Connect. Simply provide information about your issue or concern and the MRIS product or service involved, then select the appropriate department where your case should be submitted. Note: Cases will be handled in the order in which they are received. 
  • View My Cases - View a list of your Support cases. Regardless of where the case is initiated (phone, email, chat or MRIS Connect) you will be able to keep track of where your case is within the support process.